Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rising From The Ashes

Although I have things I wanted to blog, I have been dealing with other issues. I think I am about to get back into it. My cousin mentioned something that she saw that could only be seen in her hometown. It got me thinking that every town is has characters and odd things that make them different. I have a growing affection for these kinds of things and had a great time recently on Route 66 between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. This is a picture of what was once a top of the line Phillips 66 gas station. Today it looks like a little cottage you would put in a train set. But there are unique, special and bizarre things in every town. I passed a few of them in Norman today and I think I am ready to get back to blogging. I would post more from that stretch of route 66 (Pop's, the round barn and the shoe tree), but I think Tracy, Whitney and I are going to do it together soon. I will blog it then.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Return of 80s Hair

Has anyone other than me noticed there seems to be a growing trend towards the big poofy hairdos of the 80's? The first time I noticed it was the ridiculously big hair of the female host of Fox's Baseball Studio Show (pictured here). Big does not even begin to describe her hair. It also seems to be a growing trend amongst the news babes on Fox and CNN. Even Sherri Coale (coach of OU's Women's Basketball Team) has gone to big hair. Sherri is always in fashion.

I am torn over this trend. On the downside, the environmental damage could be enormous. I think the use of Aqua Net hairspray in the 80's by hair-bands like Poison, Whitesnake and Cinderella is what put the hole in the ozone to begin with.

On the positive side, I look forward to being able to break out MY 80's hair. Heck, I would be happy to break out ANY hair. But that is besides the point. I had GREAT hair in the 80s. It was not really big per se. It was kind of Shaun Cassidy-like and was feathered back on the side. Those were the dangling in my eyes. Sigh.

On a somewhat related note (bear with me.....this is a TRUE case of Dan Rambling)......the big hair of the Fox Baseball woman always reminds me of Farrah Fawcett. This of course reminds me of being in Owasso visiting my aunt Kathy's house. I would stay in my cousin Stacy's room, and he had this Farrah Fawcett poster on his wall. He also had a very hot posters of Cheryl Tiegs and Cheryl Ladd as I recall (the early 80s were a GREAT time for Cheryl's). This does raise the question of how a hormone charged teeange boy sleeps with Farrah and the Cheryl's staring at him. The answer is "not very well". I did not have this problem at in my room at home. My bedroom walls were covered with posters of rock gods like Ozzy, AC/DC and the baddest of them all, Rick Springfield.

This all leads to one last story about Farrah Fawcett and Owasso. When I was about 14 we were visiting and Mom and Aunt Kathy dropped us off at the movie theater. I can't recall who all went, but I remember the movie: Cannonball Run. My story is not so much seeing the movie and Farrah's brilliant acting performance, but the review I gave it when my mom and Aunt Kathy picked me up at the theater. They asked what I thought of the movie, and I replied "I can tell you one thing......they didn't spend much of the budget on bras". Mom and Aunt Kathy laughed all the way home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thoughts On Being A Clueless Man

I had an issue pop up today with a female customer. It is something that has baffled men throughout the ages. It is a minefield only the bravest among us dares to enter. What is this terrifying dilemma of which I speak?

"Is the woman I am talking to pregnant, or has she just put on some weight since I saw her last?"

Today and in almost every other situation, I refrained from congratulating a female customer on a pregnancy for fear of insulting her. What happens if I ask when she is expecting, and it turns out she has just been downing a lot Twinkies and Ding Dongs?

I have never made this mistake, but I came very close one time. We were at a birthday party for a friend and noticed another guest at the party appeared pregnant. I told my friend "I did not know she was pregnant", and she replied: "she isn't.....she has just put on a lot of weight". I was SO happy I had not said something to this woman who I was positive was pregnant.

As it stands now, a woman has to be pretty close to having contractions before I even broach the subject. I feel bad about this because I want to express happiness for expectant mothers. But that desire pales in comparison to having a hefty woman taking a snow shovel and beating me upside the head.