Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry I have been lax in posting. Life has been getting the best of me. But I had a Couple small things to share. Hope to get to a couple more soon.

The Blast Radius of a Snapple:
As many of you know, I love Diet Peach Snapple. Recently I accidentally dropped on in the kitchen, and the glass and drink went everywhere. And When I say everywhere, I mean it. The kitchen floor was covered with glass, but some of it went 15 feet into the living room. The wall in the hall stopped it in that direction, but the wall was splattered with Snapple. It looked like blood spatter on CSI. Best of all, the cap flew down the main hallway and came to rest almost 20 feet away. Quite and accomplishment since it had to kind of make a curve to get there. So from the glass in the dining room and the cap, it was 35 feet. I cleaned up all but the wall splatter since we hope to get the house painted soon. What a mess.

Buying Paper:
I buy better paper for the artwork I print out for customers. It is heavier and brighter. Paper brightness is rated on a scale. I buy 96 on a scale that goes to 100. This was the highest I have seen until yesterday when I saw and bout some that rated "113". I am not sure how that happens....must be like an athlete giving "110%". Anyway, I look forward to tonight because I fully expect it to glow in the dark!


Laura said...

it's amazing how far glass can go, huh? seriously, it's only one bottle! and too funny on the paper. hope it doesn't keep you up at night! lol

Tracy said...

113 on a scale of 100. Hmmm, sounds like a marketing ploy to me. And you fell for it.