Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Facebook Dilemma

My wife Tracy recently joined Facebook and has really enjoyed it. She is not alone, as it seems that everyone I know has one and REALLY wants me to join. Apparently they get a commission every time someone else starts a page. It is obviously one giant pyramid scheme. Kind of like Amway without the cleaning supplies.

So I have been weighing the pros and cons of whether to start a Facebook page. Here is what I came up with in the sleepless night after promising my cousin and sister I would do it.

Pro: It is good to try new things and keep up with current social trends.
Con: I have made it a basic rule to take up nothing that is in fashion amongst my teenage daughter's demographic. This is one reason I never had a Myspace page. It is also why I don't read the Twilight books, watch Gosisp Girls or own a pair of Uggs.

Luckily, I have been informed Facebook is now officially "uncool" because so many parents are doing it. This apparently makes it perfect for me.

Pro: It would allow me to find people I have not seen in years and for them to find me.
Con: It would allow me to find people I have not seen in years and for them to find me.

Pro: Things like picture tagging make it easier to see what family and friends are up to.
Con: It would make it harder to hide my secret double life as a male exotic dancer.

Pro: The "Status Message" would allow me to broadcast to the world what I am doing or thinking at any given time.
Con: Isn't this blog enough proof of how little the world really needs to know about what goes on in my mind?

Pro: People will get to see how many friends I have by the number of people who join my "friends list".
Con: The humiliation when people see just how few people like me. I am not a people person. I am a dog person. Sadly, most dogs use Myspace rather than Facebook.

In the end, I have decided to do it. I will do it because I have enjoyed looking at Tracy's and seeing the thoughts and pictures of family and friends who I do not see near as much as I would like. It allows me to feel closer to them, and that is always a good thing.


Tracy said...

1. I don't think they make Uggs for men.

2. Its better for you to be on your own facebook page so you don't have to deal with all my work friends.

3. I think you could still hide the male exotic dancer thing if you would stop writing about it.

Laura said...

Tracy... too funny! lol Thanks, both of you, for a good laugh... now danny, get busy! I'm waiting for you!

Whit said...

mom they do make uggs for men! they are online! :D

Janet said...

Danny! You are so funny and I am so happy that you to are now on facebook. Now we just have to get Stacy and Sherry on there. Don't worry though, I will send them an email...... Oh, and Aunt Kathy and Aunt Jackie - Please don't think that you are except from this. We all want you on there to.... Love and Hugs.... Me