Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mafia Wars

I am only 24 hours into my Facebook experience, and I am facing my first dilemma. I have been invited to join not one, but two mafia families. Apparently the world of Facebook has it's own underworld. Who knew?

The bigger surprise was who the offers came from. Apparently my wife Tracy and sister Laura are parts of warring crime families. This should make the next family reunion very interesting.

Tracy is telling me she is working hard to become a "Don", or Godfather. I probably should have seen it coming. I just missed the signs. So to help you out, I offer:

"Signs You Wife May Be A Mafia Boss"
(This will make sense if you have watched The Godfather and Sopranos)

-When friends come over to the house they insist on kissing her ring.

-Everytime I want to talk, she insists we go to the basement and talk near the washing machine because the house is "bugged" (and we don't even have a basement).

-She keeps referring to the girls in her office as her "Captains".

-She freaks out every time Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" is played on the jukebox.

-She has taken to calling her brother "Fredo". (I am worried for him.....she recently asked me if I knew where to get a fishing boat)


Jmom said...

Not into the mafia or the mafia movies.

Jimmy said...

ah yes..Mafia wars! I am jimmy a.k.a Busta Caps,pretty peg legs(fashion wars),& Ash Goldsworth(pirates).

Laura said...

Trust me... if you have to chose a crime family, chose Tracy. I have no clue what I'm doing and will likely get you killed.

Tracy said...

Well it looks like you can join multiple mafias so Dan is now a member of both.

Go Thunder Dan!

Janet said...

Oh! and I am on there to..... Just find me under JanetDawne.... I will send you a mafia request. But like Laura I don't know what I am doing either, still trying to figure it out. So you will really get killed quickly with my group.