Monday, October 13, 2008

Boys & Girls

My sister's blog comment on the gene that make little boys drawn to making any item a baseball bat got me to thinking about the differences between boys and girls. Her story was about her 2 year old son Noah using part of a detached rain gutter to hit rocks. This phenomenon is not limited to boys and baseball bats. Boys and girls are just wired differently.

Take childhood toys. Most little girls love their dolls, and boys like pretending to blow things up. You give a girl a toy dump truck, and within an hour she will convert it to an impromptu baby stroller and push her favorite doll around the house. This idea would never occur to a young boy. Give a little boy a doll, and within minutes that poor doll will be the focus of an all out blitzkrieg attack by every war toy and action figure in his collection.

Unless, of course, he pulls the doll’s head off and uses a rain gutter to hit a long fly ball over the fence to win the World Series.

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Laura said...

oh goodness! can i tell you how many baby dolls have taken a high speed ride through our kitchen in the back of his dump truck! i don't care what some people will say~ it's genetic. little boys are just different from little girls. i told jeremy that with the girls, i had to learn all my disney princesses. with my boys, i have to learn all the farm machinery and implements. too funny!