Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This Is Why I Needed A Blog

When I began this I was worried that after a couple weeks I would run out of material. Luckily, I was not up 5 minutes today before I knew what today's topic would be.

Early this morning I turned on the small HDTV in our bedroom. As I scrolled through the channel guide, one show caught my eye: Sunrise Earth. For those who have not seen it, Sunrise Earth is a show brilliant in it's simplicity. It is just video of the day starting in some beautiful, peaceful setting. No words. No music. Just nature sounds with a view.The one last week was a gorgeous view of a meadow of horses with sun coming up over the Tetons in the background.

This morning's episode featured something I had never seen before. It had people. It was a shot overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, with a group of about 12 people doing Tai Chi in the foreground. I thought about this for a moment. Can you actually relax by watching someone else do a relaxing activity? Then a brilliant idea popped into my head. I would like to announce that I have started a new business:

We all have hectic lives, and do not always have the time to do things that help one reach inner peace. But this is your lucky day! For just $19.99 I will provide you with a high quality DVD of me meditating for you! Just put in my DVD and let me meditate you to total relaxation. While I am meditating in your DVD player you can do the things that really need to get done, like chores, fielding phone calls and taking care of the kids. But wait.....there's more! Every month I will send you a new DVD that will have me doing things you either don't have time to do or want to avoid doing yourself. These include DVDs of me exercising for you, reading a great book in your place, and attending all the parties, weddings and other social gatherings you want to avoid.
One of our most popular DVDs in the one where I enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean while you tend to more important matters. While you deal with paperwork and annoying coworkers, I will relax your cares away on a sunny beach with a cool drink in my hand.

I really think this has possibilities.


Tracy said...

Does the $19.99 cover all DVD's or do I have to pay extra for the special ones like the beach vacation?

Laura said...

Do you have one where you scrub my toilets or do my laundry and I sit around eating bon bons? I'd pay a ton of money for that one!

Dan said...

Laura: Those episodes were rejected. I don't do toilet and anyone who has six kids has WAY too much laundry for me. Besides, the bon bons would have to be sugar free. And who wants to eat sugar free bon bons?

Dan said...

Tracy: All DVDs are $19.99. Obviously, some are better deals than others.