Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food and Friends

We had friends over last night after the football game for a nice visit and some homemade gumbo. There are several recipes I am very proud of that get requested by friends regularly, and my gumbo is one of them. As someone with low self esteem, this is wonderful, but dangerous. Even when I know it is good, I worry whether others will like it. But sometimes the reactions are genuine and satisfying. Last night was one of those nights. In fact it brought the best compliment any cook can get: a marriage proposal.

After finishing up a second bowl of gumbo, one guest told me that should a tragedy befall Tracy, they would marry me for my gumbo. Tracy and I told Whitney about it this morning. She got peace of mind (and quite a chuckle) out of the idea that should happen to Tracy, Steve and I will be getting married. Of course, it will be a purely platonic relationship since we are not gay. But he will provide financial stability we will need, and I will keep cooking the gumbo.


Laura said...

I'm so glad that you have made provisions in your life that should something unforeseen happen, you'd be secure. Glad you had fun with your friends. I should get that gumbo recipe.

Teri said...

Should I have my feelings hurt that I have now been replaced? LOL If something happens to T you no longer want her twin? LOL
I miss you guys!

Dan said...
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Tammy said...

I hope you know if you take Steve away from me that I too will be moving in.......A girl as to