Thursday, December 18, 2008

Abby Smile For The Day

I guess our Christmas Card was a hit. We wanted it to say something like "Have a Great Christmas, Doggonit", but there was not enough room.

Several people asked us how we got Abby to wear the reindeer antlers. The fact is, Abby wi
ll do just about anything for a treat. The antlers were no problem. They have bells, and every time we shake them she gets very excited and wants to wear them so she can get her treat.


Tracy said...

She's so well trained that she will let Dan put on Whitney's old Minnie Mouse ears too.

Just feed her. Good thing robbers don't know that or else we'd have an empty house except for a very happy full dog.

Janet said...

How cute! Loved the card....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my sis told on me. LOL
The card was cute but I always look forward to a picture of you guys. Maybe next year you 4???
Love you guys. LOL

Mom said...

cute picture but where is my beautiful granddaughter?