Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Specials

While setting the DVR to tape a few of our favorite Christmas specials, a thought hit me: we don't watch a single Christmas special made since my childhood.
I am sure there have been good holiday specials made since then, but I have not felt the need to watch them. We stick to the classics. I am sorry: "Sponge Bob Christmas" does not get me in the Yuletide mood.

The only post 70s classic I can come up with is very personal: Muppet Family Christmas. Although made in the late 80s, the Muppets are creatures of the 70s. This was Whitney's favorite when she was little (she especially liked Fozzy's bad jokes), and my guess is that she watched it approximately 5,000 times between the ages of 3 and 5. It would have driven me crazy if not for the fact that it gave me a break from Barney.

Of course, I realize nostalgia is the only thing that makes something a classic. There is no other way to explain my affection for Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Think about it: you got Kermit The Frog, singing rodents and a talent show won by a band with a bear, a snake and a weasel. I love it and watch it every year.....but are otters any more "Christmas" than a talking sponge? maybe just a little.

I for one choose to embrace my childhood nostalgia when it comes to Christmas.
The networks can crank out dozens of new holiday specials. But in my house, it is not Christmas until:
- The Grinch carves the roast beast
- Rudolph leads Santa's sleigh
- Kris Kringle outwits Burgermeister Meisterburger
- Heat Miser and Snow Miser duke it out
- Linus reminds everyone what this whole thing is all about

At that point, all that I need is a fire in the fireplace and Andy Williams' Christmas Album on the stereo.


Tracy said...

A very nice sentiment and Dan is totally honest in his assessment. We do all of those things to get into the Christmas spirit.

Laura said...

hear, hear! you said it, brother!! bring on charlie brown!

Mom said...

My favorites have always been Little Drummer Boy and The Grinch. I guess the next favorite would be Emmet Otter--it is quite endearing.

Janet said...

What about the Christmas Story!!!!! You know, classic boy shoots his eye out with a bebe gun. It was made when I was little. I remember watching it for the first time at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob's when we were little.I have a copy of it and watch it every year, sometimes twice. I agree, on most of the movies you mentioned though. However, who is Emmet otter?.....