Sunday, November 2, 2008

Convenience Store Stupidity

I will have a recap of the Rocky Horror Show, but i am busy packing for my trip to Atlanta to see friends. I will have my laptop with me and hope to blog from the road and include some pictures from along the way.

Here is one I put together a couple days ago to hold you over for a few days.

I could probably have a whole blog dedicated just to the topic of convenience stores. For example, one store in town has had a sign up on the door that reads "Please take off any Halloween mask before entering the store". While I recognize this is a good rule given the possibility of someone robbing the place in a mask of some sort. If this sign was up on Halloween or even a day or 2 before, it would make perfect sense. But this sign went up at the end of September. I am not the most observant person, but I did not see a significant rise in the wearing of masks in September.

Anyway....yesterday brought a new one. I had gotten a soda refill in the cup I had with me. When I checked out, they rang it up at 96 cents. I pointed out the the clerk that it should be 69 cents. She said 96 cents was correct. I pointed to the 3 large signs on the soda fountain that said "all fountain drinks 69 cents". Had I been before Judge Wapner, this would have ended in a verdict in my favor. Unfortunately, the clerk was no judge Wapner.

I pointed the sign out to her. She informed me that while all fountain drinks were 69 cents, it did not apply to refills. I tried to grasp why a refill in my own cup (from a previous visit to that store) cost MORE that a drink in a fresh cup. I asked her "so you are telling me, if I go over there and fill one of your 44 oz cups and then poured it into my cup and threw your cup away, it would be CHEAPER than refilling my cup. She replied, "yes.....if you put it in one of our cups first, it would be 69 cents".

Her lack of any facial expression led me to believe she was not grasping the stupidity of what she had just said. Although a line had now formed behind me, I felt compelled to continue my line of questioning, I searched for just the right words and asked, "does that not seem stupid to you?". She looked at me and replied "what do you mean?".

I paid my 96 cents and left.


Mom said...

She didn't have a clue!!Sometimes it's just better to pay the money than try to explain any further.

Laura said...

Yep. I hear you. Sounds just like some conversations I've had.

Teri said...

Well, you don't have to be a mensa member to work at a convenience store. LOL