Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vacation Day 1- The First Attempt

This is what chaos looks like. It is our bedroom at about 2am on Monday morning. But let's go to the beginning:

My plan was to leave town about 10pm Sunday and drive overnight so that I could do some sightseeing on Monday before getting to Gary's House in Huntsville on Monday night. Those plans were brought to a screeching halt by a tiny mouse. This was not a nasty, ugly mouse.....he was really cute. He looked like a Disney cartoon character.

After living mouse-free for 15 years, it was very bad timing to have one run in front of me 5 minutes before I was to walk out the door for a 10 day trip to see friends. Knowing Tracy's fear of mice, I knew I was not going to be allowed to leave the house until that mouse was trapped. The last time Tracy saw a mouse, she went to hide in the car.......and locked the doors. Apparently, she thought the mice had the ability to open the doors unless they were locked.

Anyway, what you see here is the result of "successful" 4 hour mouse hunt. Will try to leave again tomorrow.


Tracy said...

Let's just say I was pregnant and protecting our child when I went to the car and locked the door. You never know what those mice might carry.

Laura said...

holy smokies! glad to hear you caught it.

Mom said...

Hmm--mouse in house--total panic. I am scared of them also. It reminds me of the time I saw a huge snake(Probaby 10 to 14 foot)sunning himself on our fence railing. I slammed the sliding glass door shut and immediately locked the door. Them i felt safe. Size of snake might be suspect.