Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alabama Convenience Store

I found that my fun at convenience stores is a nationwide phenomena. Sadly....i think the store clerk and I share responsibility for this bout of stupidity.

I found out why they tell you to stay with your car while you are filling it with gas. While filling the tank, I went inside to go to the bathroom and buy a snack. Another customer came in to tell me gas was pouring out of my car and running down the street. Over 5 gallons had poured out before he stopped it. I was actually happy about this, because I originally thought he was telling me my CAR was rolling down the street. That would have been much worse.

I mentioned to the clerk at the counter the they needed to look into the automatic shut off on the pump. He informed me the pump was fine and that the spill was a result of "pressure building up and clogging the hose with air.....causing it to overflow". In all my years of filling up with gas, I had never had that happen. Apparently the laws of physics are different in Alabama.

The spilled gas cost me $13, but he did not charge me for my 99 cent bag of pretzels. Chalk up one moral victory for me!!!


Tracy said...

Too bad you couldn't have gotten six two-liter bottles of coke zero for the overspill.

Whit said...

or a couple things of snapple

Mom said...

Now we know why a sign says stay with your car while filling, huh? At least it wasn't when gas was over $4.00 a gallon.