Friday, November 21, 2008


Earlier today I pulling into a parking space at Homeland. When I got out of the car, I noticed a very slow moving older man struggling to open his car trunk. I helped him, and noticed his license plate said "WWII Veteran" on it. I had a nice 5 minute discussion about WWII with him (he served in both the Pacific and Europe), and he could not have been nicer.

I walked through Homeland thinking about the bitching and moaning people do today about how "tough times are". But this man fought in the second world war, and had lived through the great depression. Kind of gave me some perspective.....that being the vast majority of this country are gigantic wusses and the media reporting these stories are twits.

Anyway, I pay for my stuff and walk outside. I notice he is still in the parking lot (I told you he was very slow) and pulling out of his space. As he approached me, I began to wave when I noticed he did not appear to see me. That old coot almost ran me down like roadkill. I felt like a German Panzer Division must have felt as the Allies rushed towards Berlin. Like the Poland in the Blitzkrieg. Like John McCain on election night.

So while I admire his service, I highly support seniors having to take yearly driving tests after a certain age to keep their license.......for their safety and mine.
That includes John McCain.


Laura said...

Sorry you almost got run down. Poor guy! lol

Teri said...

I did an argumentative speech in my speech class that was for mandatory retesting of drivers license after you reach a certain age, just for that reason. Wouldn't want anyone to get run over by someone who couldn't see them, especially my friends.