Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vacation Day 1......Do Over

4:30pm- I headed out after doing some work. The Great Mouse Hunt will cost me one day at Gary's house, so my schedule is all messed up already. I am adjusting on the fly. I try to view this as a good thing. I really like being spontaneous.....when it is well planned.

5:30pm in Okemah Oklahoma- This is the town Woody Guthrie was born. I stop by the ruins of the house he was born in and take a foundation rock as a souvenir (a tradition among musicians including Bob Dylan). But the big reason for getting off the interstate is a trip to the Okemah Cemetery to see Barbara Sue Manire's headstone. As you can see
(if you click on the picture, it sould get bigger), Barbara had a sense of humor. She had told her family that she wanted a parking meter for a headstone that read "time expired"........and they did.


Laura said...

Pretty clever on the parking meter. And I totally get what you're saying on being spontaneous. I'm the same way. In fact, it made me laugh.

Mom said...

Gotta stay flexible. The parking meter is quite unique.Stay safe!!