Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ghost Stories

Part of my trip was spent visiting friends in Roswell Georgia, just outside Atlanta. For all my trip research about what to see and do, I never thought to look into Roswell for sightseeing. It turns out Roswell has a fascinating history. It is a mill town that predates the Civil War. My friend Anita had recently taken a tour of "haunted" Roswell. She was a wonderful tour guide and shared some ghost stories as we walked around the old town site.

While telling me one of these stories, a black cat walked right up to us. I am not much for believing ghost stories, but having a black cat walk by while touring cemeteries and other "haunted" sites seemed quite fitting.


Mom said...

You do seem to get a sense of pleasure touring cemeteries, ghost houses and haunts. It all ties in to your love of history.

Dan said...

The ghost thing does nothing for me. But yes....the cemetery thing for me is all about history.