Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chocolate Fountain Redux

I have re-posted the chocolate fountain story for those who missed it. You will find it below in its original spot. I appreciate the kind words and feedback. I plan to get busy on several blogs about Disney World in the next couple days. Topics include Disney Do's and Don'ts, Disney Fashion Faux Pas, and how Tracy and Whitney ruined my quest for immortality at Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf.

As a recap.....the chocolate fountain was a big hit at the new year's eve party.
Best of all, I did not ruin a single piece of clothing during the evening. Thanks for the great gift Teri!!!!!

The fountain came with recipes other than chocolate you can do, so we are thinking about turning it into a nacho cheese fountain for the BCS Championship Game on Thursday night. Can't wait to see what my jacket looks like covered in cheese sauce!

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Jimmy said...

Enjoyed reading about the Chocolate t-shirt maker. Thanks for re-posting it:)