Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disney Road Trip

Before doing Disney World…..we had to get there. This meant about 20 hours in the car each way. So before we get to Disney, here is a mix of tidbits from 40 hours in the car with Tracy and Whitney:

- As we near Texas we see a billboard for Fantasy Tattoos. They are offering 2 tattoos for the price of one! The girls decline my offer to get them matching Disney Princess Tattoos.

- East Texas: whoever drives chooses what we listen to. It is obviously Tracy’s turn to drive because the early morning listening choice of the historical book Team Of Rivals on CD has been replaced with music. I curl up in back seat and catnap. I wake up to Tracy and Whitney singing and dancing along to Hollaback Girl and Fergalicious. There appears to be a double standard because when I sit up in the back seat and start dancing along to the music, Whitney gives me a look like I have overstepped the bounds of what a dad is allowed to do in public, and says “Dad, No”.

- When did I inherit the bladder of a 4 year old? It is stunning how fast I go from “I kind of need to go” to “I REALLY NEED TO GO”. My bladder appears to be powered by jet propulsion.

- Best town name of the trip: Sopchoppy

- Creepiest cemetery….EVER: Apalachicola Florida. I love old cemeteries for the history. I could not care less about the spooky part of it. But dusk, gulf coast fog, spanish moss hanging from trees and crypts with gaping holes in them have this as the last place I would ever want to spend Halloween night.

- Really…..this bladder thing is getting embarrassing. I dance around in my seat as we drive through Mississippi…..and Fergalicious isn’t even playing.

- In a town in rural Mississippi we passed a strip mall with a sign on it that said: “Birdcages: we can meet all your birdcage needs”. Is there enough demand in Mississippi for Birdcages to make a career of it? Wow.

- Something you don’t hear in Oklahoma: I asked a lady at a truck stop in Louisiana where I could find key chains……she told me “go over to that wall and turn right at the dried up alligator heads”.

Think that about wraps it up. All in all, it was a fairly uneventful drive. We did get off the interstate drive along the coast of the Florida panhandle and walked along the beach. Next up: Disney!


Tracy said...

I'm also told to stop with the look from Whitney, so its not just you.

Mom said...

Isn't it funny some of the things we do on a road trip to entertain ourselves!! One of my favorites is reading roadsigns and streetsigns ect. some of them are so funny!! The one you mentioned about the alligator heads is the one I like.

Laura said...

I get the bladder thing. After six kids... need I say more?

Janet said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip. I agree, it always seems that the need to pee increases with long car rides. It's like you just notice it more. Maybe its our bodies way of saying get me out of this car! I need room to move around! LOL....