Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing In Action

Work has been crazy, and I have been suffering a little writer's block. I have plenty of ideas, but nothing is coming together. My intention of this blog was never a day by day account of our lives, but as an outlet for some storytelling and creative writing. I have not been feeling "creative".

I still need to post on Disney, but a smooth trip makes for boring blogging. I am so much happier as a writer when odd things happen! Also have a good story about me and a very friendly senior citizen at a fundraising dinner.

Anyway, I hope to get back to it by this weekend.


Tracy said...

I just may have to takeover then sometime to keep your fans/family informed and entertained.

Lots of love to you.

Laura said...

hmmmm the friendly senior citizen sounds promising. :)

Janet said...

I understand. I need to get back to writing also.

Mom said...

Can hardly wait for the senior citizen blog, it is hilarious!!! Is it the one at the dance?

Dan said...

Not sure which dance are you referring to. This was at a fund raising dinner / art auction.