Friday, January 16, 2009

Disney Tip #2

Take pictures with characters to humor your kids.

Nobody hates having their picture more than me, but how could I refuse a picture with Eeyore when Whitney insisted (Please ignore my gum).

There is an exception to this rule: "Dad" pictures with characters should be limited to the animal characters. Getting your picture alone with one of the princesses is creepy.

Disney World is not a place to let your libido out. Regardless of what delusions you might have, Cinderella did not flirt with you as she rode by on the float . She smiles and waves at everyone (yes, that is my head). And I don't care if Ariel is a cute redhead with a sea shell bikini.....she is still a childrens' cartoon character.

Please note: Jessica Rabbit is not a princess, and thus is exempt from this rule.
Sadly, there were no live sightings of her on this trip.


Tracy said...

I agree about the princesses and males alone. Females and a princess would be fine but I didn't want my picture with any of them. Only character I think I had mine with was Mickey and that was the whole family.

No human could ever have Jessica Rabbit's figure so you'll never find one of those anywhere.

Mom said...


Janet said...

Cool post. Jessica Rabbit is not Disney, is she?

Dan said...

Jessica has some Disney ties. They had some of the stuff in the stores.