Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog Takeover

This is Tracy and Whitney taking over Dan's blog since he has been slow to post. We wanted everyone to know the fun we had at Disney World. So here's a few photos we took. We are sure that Dan will post the funny stories he has so we'll just entertain you with photos. Five days at Disney World is like running a marathon. Lots of people, sometimes you swim up stream, sometimes you get cut off, but in the end you have a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.
We recommend that everyone go enjoy the magic at least once in their life. We've been three times as a family and each time is different.

Breakfast with Disney Princesses for Christmas
Whitney is in her special Sleeping Beauty crown

We have lots of other photos but this gives you a taste of what we did during our vacation. Don't worry, we had a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the hotel room and Santa Claus found us too.


Dan said... about pressure. I take a week off from the holidays, and this is what happens. :-)

Tracy said...

We were just helping you out since you were busy with work. People are depending on you Dan.

Mom said...

Hey, what happened to the chocolate fountain story? Here today, gone tomorrow type scenario!! Great pics of whitney!

Laura said...

Since we have four feet of snow here, I'm a little jealous of the shorts, Whitney! But glad you guys had a good time.

Janet said...

Yes, Jimmy told me that the chocolate fountain story was awesome. I went to read it and it was gone! So now I feel left out. Please repost..... Glad you had fun in Disney.... I miss reading your daily posts, they crack me up.

Dan said...

I took down the chocolate fountain story because I rushed it and did not think it was written very well. Hoped I had done it before anyone read it. LOL. Anyway, what do I know. I will see if I can find it and will repost it or rewrite it.